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Our Awards and Credentials

Value and Quality Grand Award


Value and Quality Grand Award



Our two new products, the Vitamin Q1-Q10 and the Microbiom Rebalane dietary supplements have also received Value and Quality Grand Award on 10th September 2019. This award of recognition was handed over by Sándor Farkas Parlimentary Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Árpád János Potápi Secretary of State for National Politics in the Hungarian Parliament. This is the second year that our company receives such recognition since our 16 dietary supplements were presented with this grand award in 2018.

According to the tender, ˝The Value and Quality Grand Award is the recognition and prize for goods, services and economic organizations that demonstrate a commitment to providing quality products and services. The winners of this distinguished award present exemplary business models that contribute to the development of Hungary’s economy.˝

The use of this trademark is regularly checked by the writers of the tender, thus guaranteeing a continuous standard of quality for both the users and consumers.


Bisnode international company quality rating


The Bisnode international company quality rating assesses the financial stability and business reliability of every enterprise on the basis of a continuously measured and well-proven system developed by international experts.

Therefore, our company, the Natural Immune Control System Inc. was selected in 2018, and following that in 2019 too as one of the financially most viable companies. This way we have been ranked with bronze qualification.

We have received the Bisnode AA (Double A) Certificate of the European company quality rating from among only 1.75% of companies in Hungary, which indicates that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with us is very low.





GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice


This year we have received, for he 6th time, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) qualification that is mostly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In the European Union supervision is carried out by national regulation agencies. GMP is the general collection of methods employed for securing product safety and continuous high quality. Its two main components are the effective manufacturing procedures and supervision which complement and act on each other.

In the quality assurance system the quality assurance, the GMP guidelines and the principles of quality supervision are interwoven. According to the GMP regulations the reliable solution of quality related matters need such standardized and flawlessly functioning quality assurance system and supervision that also incorporates the GMP guidelines.

The main principle of GMP is taking into consideration and realizing the following measures in order to achieve quality, to the satisfaction of those concerned


required measuring and supervision, that is quality control


exacting and strict regulation of processes


procedures carried out in line with the specification


all factors impacting quality: staff, facilities, equipment.

A widespread concept of quality assurance includes everything that can affect product quality alone or combined with other factors.

Good Manufacturing Practice is part of the quality assurance that enables products to be manufactured and supervised according to quality regulations at all times meeting the requirements needed for market release and realizing the goal for which they were developed.

Good documentation is a key element in ensuring good quality. Well-formulated documents eliminate misunderstandings and allow the batches to be traced and they also provide subsequent examination of their history.

Quality regulations (specifications) contain the required standards relating to all materials or products utilised or produced in the manufacturing process, that is the necessary requirements for appliance.

Production technology regulations define which raw materials can be used and describe the production and packaging processes.

The procedure commands or operating instructions and standard operating regulations contain instructions for performing certain procedures.

The records contain the already completed operations, the history of the batches up to release and all the data relevant to the quality of the products.


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