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Under this menu you can find the latest news related the recent activity of our company. If you would like to see the activities happened during the previous years, please click HERE to view the archived files as well!

4th March 2023. - Easter-waiting prize game

N.I.C.S. Zrt. announces an Easter-waiting prize game! If you buy any of our products during the period of the game you can receive special Easter eggs. Start now the Easter egg hunt not to miss your chance, because you should have only 3 eggs to have the possibility to win on Easter Monday one of our cash prizes or one of other prize!


25th February 2023. - Extended possibility of installment payment

We kept our promise! So we ensure the possibility of ordering with installment payment interest-free in case of purchasing our One Year Products, not only for the domestic customers but for the customers from the European Union as well and from now on it is available through the online order interface as well!


17th December 2022. - Two different Products - Collagen Hyaluron + Omega-3 + Inulin +microflora

As an amazing novelty we introduce the first product in our new product category - TDP Collagen Hyaluron + Omega-3 + Inulin + microflora! The Two different Products category name refers to the fact that we offer two different products in the same box to our customers.

In addition to a tablet containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, we packed in the box of our new product a capsule with omega 3, which also contains the microflora strains completing the ingredients in both the products. We recommend taking the tablet together with the capsule according to the dosage indicated on the box.


15th November 2022. - Christmas prize game is started

We announced the Christmas prize game of N.I.C.S. Zrt. again from 15. November 2022 till 15. December. The condition of the game is the easiest ever but the number of the prizes is more than anytime before. We are going to draw 15 cash prizes and 20 other prizes to ensure extra support and pleasure to our cardholders. In our lucky sphere can be the ID codes of those cardholders registered earlier or just actually who collected 3000 credits belonging to their cards during the game.


15th October 2022. - One Year Product Detox + Inulin +Microflora

This name speaks for itself! Detox + Inulin + Microflora One Year Product dietary supplement, the brand new product from the N.I.C.S. Zrt. The active ingredients of the Detox may support liver health and contribute to the detoxifying potential of the liver and to the intestinal comfort and can promote the body’s purification. The herbal components are completed with the microflora strains used in our One Year Products.


15th September 2022. - Energy bills supporting program

Now it is autumn and the heating season is coming soon. Our company would like to support the customers, who gives priority to the prevention of the health of the family, who decided to choose our product even in this difficult period, with energy bills supporting program. We are going to draw cash support among our active cardholders who collect on their customer’s card 3500 credits by purchasing 1 or 2 products between 15. September 2022 and 26. October 2022. 20 lucky cardholders can realize the support from the N.I.C.S. Zrt. in the form of transferring 10 000-10 000 Ft in 5 consecutive months and they can use this amount to reduce their energy costs.


14th September 2022. - Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin is again available

Attention please! Limited Edition Product Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin which had a great success after the launch and still has many fans, is again available. No wonder, we managed to create something similar to the smoothly melting, filled chocolate which made the product irresistible not only for the children but also for their parents. The taste of cocoa with the original orange-sour cherry compound provides our growing children with the most important vitamins and minerals. We tried to create something healthy and enjoyable for children in the same time! Look for it in your web office.


28th July 2022. - Birthday prize draw

We arrived in festive mood into the finish of the prize game celebrating the 7. anniversary of the company. After drawing the winners of the 20 electric devices the financial director of the company, Erzsébet Sütő personally drew the names of the cash-prize winners. We are proud of our consultants making their activity as energic as the company itself, so nearly 1000 of them took part in our game-marathon this year.


17th June 2022. - Fantastic! We announced a new prize game!

First time in the history of the company - as a closing of the Spring prize game we announced new game! Previously more of you voted on celebrating with a game instead of an event, we started our Birthday prize game immediately. With the same conditions, but according to the 7th birthday the grand prize of the game is 700 000 HUF. The detailed rules of the game are available in the web office.


15th June 2022. - As a closing of our Spring prize draw we have drawn the winners

The Spring prize game was a great success! We drew the prizes with more than 1,5 million HUF total amount. The lucky winners are informed about their prizes through their web offices. We gave and extra shine to the ceremony with a very special announcement.


1st May 2022. - Spring prize draw - 10 cash prizes and 20 other prizes are waiting for you

Take the dynamism of the spring, to arrive with appropriate activity into the summer! N.I.C.S. Zrt. would like to inspire the consultants by a spring prize draw! In case of ordering only 1 or 2 products belonging to your customer card you may have the chance to win one of our 10 cash prizes or something among the other 20 prizes.

We are going to draw in addition to the 500 000 HUF grand prize further cash prizes with total amount of 1,3 million HUF among our cardholders, and only the imagination limits for what to use. As additional prizes we are going to draw useful and practical tools with total amount of further 200 000 HUF. With the help of these tools the time of general household and beauty care activities can be shortened and they can be solved more smooth.

The beginning of the game is 1st of May 2022. and the end of the game is 14th of May 2022. We are going to inform our winners through the web-office on 17th of May 2022.


12nd March 2022. - We arrived from America...

The management of our company held the North American roadshow at 6 locations in two states (New Jersey and Florida) with many visitors. The Hungarian delegation was coordinated by Erzsébet Sütő, one of the owners and financial director of Natural Immune Control System Zrt, but Antal Baranyai, the director of sales, Dr Márta Forrai titular chief physician, Andrea Drávuczné Mátrai and Mariann Schnabl was also with the team. During the two-week tour, there were many interesting presentations: introducing our company, explaining the latest results of the microbial researches, and providing practical advices on how to built the business in the United States. It was hard to say goodbye to our American friends, but hoping to see them soon again.


4th January 2022. - Successful Women TOP 50 - Annual publication for 2022

How did Erzsébet Sütő, the owner, the chief financial officer of Natural Immune Control System Zrt. arrived from a little village in Nograd county to the Wall Street? You can read about the highlights of the life story in the annual publication for 2022 of ˝Sikeres nők˝. We are really proud to draw your attention on this publication from which you can learn how to reach higher and higher with persistent work, good ideas and creativity...


20th December 2021. - We have drawn our Christmas prizes

Our luckiest cardholders could win 2 million and 6 thousands of forints as cash prizes and other prizes in total amount of 220 thousand forints at our Christmas prize game 2021. The winners received the information about their prizes on Christmas eve, 24th of December through their web office. The grand prize was half million forints. We could give these special Christmas presents to 85 cardholders who took part in our game. We warmly congratulate to all of them!


14th December 2021. - Christmas schedule

As the end of the year is closer and closer, we would like to inform you about the Christmas schedule of our offices for customer service

On duty service in the office at Szeged

(Dorozsmai út 10.)

27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st December 2021.

On duty service in the office at Budapest

(Bank Center, Szabadság tér 7., Platina torony, 3. emelet)

27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st December 2021.

Our offices are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on these days.

We would like to inform you that the products requested for personal availability can be picked up in the offices during this periods.

Products requested for courier delivery can be considered based on the following information by GLS

23rd December 2021. (Thursday) - last workday before Christmas

27th December 2021. (Monday) - first workday after Christmas

30th December 2021. (Thursday) - last workday in the year at GLS

31st December 2021. (Friday) - holiday at GLS

3rd January 2022. (Monday) - first workday in the new year

In accordance with the above mentioned the delivery of the domestic consignments can be considered as

Date of dispatch: 23rd December 2021. (Thursday) - Date of delivery: 27th December 2021. (Monday)

Date of dispatch: 30th December 2021. (Thursday) - Date of delivery: 3rd January 2022. (Monday)

Taking into consideration all of these, product orders with courier delivery placed before 1 p.m. can be the part of the daily dispatch as usually and orders after 1 p.m. will be dispatched on the following workday.

On behalf of the team, Natural Immune Control System Zrt. hereby we would like to thank every partner and customer cardholder their annual co-operation and wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


15th November 2021. - Christmas prize game again! You can nominate for 10 cash prizes and 20 additional other prizes

We invite you again to our Christmas prize game! First time in the history of the company we offer 10 cash prizes with total amount 1,3 million HUF. The grand prize is 500 000 HUF! And you can not forget the further type of prizes, because we are going to draw 20 different electric devices as well. The Christmas prize game starts on 15th November 2021 and it lasts till 19th December 2021, till midnight. Prize drawing will be on 20th December 2021. The winners will be informed in their web offices on Christmas Eve, 24th of December at 06:00 p.m.!


15th October 2021. - Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin is again available

Attention please! Limited Edition Product Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin which had a great success after the launch in the last year, is again available. This product has many fans also since then! No wonder, we managed to create something similar to the smoothly melting, filled chocolate which made the product irresistible not for the children but also for their parents. The taste of cocoa, and orange-sour cherry filling provides our growing children with the most important vitamins and minerals. We tried to create something healthy and enjoyable for children in the same time! Look after it in your web office.


27th September 2021. - Medium-term Product Double 8X4U + Inulin + Microflora

We introduced our latest, the 25th of our products Double 8X4U + Inulin + Microflora Medium-term dietary supplement product. This is the fifth of our products containing 7 bacteria with N.I.C.S. prefix in their names and this ensures the special quality. As the name itself symbolizes in this compound we have 2x8 components: 7 probiotics with N.I.C.S. prefix in their name + inulin and 8 different types of other components: perilla extract, chamomile, sea buckthorn extract, olive and pagoda tree extract, ginger, green tea and rosemary extract.


9th September 2021. - Three of our products have received this year the Value and Quality Award

We are really proud of the fact that in 2021 three of our products, Relax, new Vitamin D and the Limited Edition Product Cocoa Kid’s Multivitamin granules dissolving in the mouth received the Value and Quality Award.


16th July 2021. - Our company is 6 years old - we have drawn the winners of the prize game

Great prizes, huge success - this is how we can describe the actually closed prize game announced to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Natural Immune Control System Zrt. We drew 15 lucky consultants and they received different prizes with total value of several million forints. The main prize - for the first time in the history of our company - was a TOYOTA AYGO X + Comfort car.


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