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Under this menu you can find the latest news related the recent activity of our company. If you would like to see the activities happened during the previous years, please click HERE to view the archived files as well!

30th April 2024. - Birthday prize draw

Win what you have chosen! To celebrate the 9th anniversary of the establishment of our company, we are launching a birthday prize draw. For every product order placed and paid between 30. April 2024 and 30. May 2024 our regular customers will receive a virtual raffle ticket making possible for 20 lucky cardholders to win back the purchase price of the most valuable product of their raffled order and 20 further cardholders to become the lucky winner of one of our valuable other prizes. Play with us and keep your fingers crossed for the drawing in person with us during our birthday ceremony.


15th February 2024. - Easter prize game

Let’s start the N.I.C.S. Easter prize game! You can win with only one product order! Meet as many N.I.C.S. product as possible and recommend them to increase your chance to win! You receive a virtual raffle ticket for the different products purchased and paid belonging to your customer card during the period of the game. One cardholder can receive and play with maximum 30 tickets. The winners of our 6 cash prizes and 20 other practical and useful other prizes will be announced on Easter Monday in the weboffice.


10th December 2023. - TDP Joint & Bone Protection + Inulin + Microflora

As the last, but even greater innovation of this year, we introduce the second member of our Two Different Products range - TDP Joint & Bone Protection + Inulin + Microflora! Two different Products refers to the fact that we offer our customers two different product in one box. In addition to the capsule containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Silicon, we have packed a Green Lipped Mussels, Turmeric, Manganese and Vitamin C, D, K capsule in the box of our current new product, which also contains the live flora strains that complement both products. We recommend taking the two capsules together in the proportions indicated on the box.


7th November 2023. - Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin is again available

Attention please! Limited Edition Product Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin which had a great success after the launch and still has many fans, is again available. No wonder, we managed to create something similar to the smoothly melting, filled chocolate which made the product irresistible not only for the children but also for their parents. The taste of cocoa with the original orange-sour cherry compound provides our growing children with the most important vitamins and minerals. We tried to create something healthy and enjoyable for children in the same time! Look for it in your web office.


30th October 2023. - Christmas prize draw

Let’s look forward to Christmas together! N.I.C.S. Zrt. is running a prize draw again! We will draw 10 cash prizes and 20 other prizes among the regular customers who collect 3500 credits based on their purchase amounts between 30th October 2023 and 7th December 2023, drawing ceremony will be at our Christmas event in the IH Event Centre in Szeged. We also ensure the possibility for choose between the cash prizes, cardholder can decide to play for the 1 top prize of 500 000 HUF, or play in the group of several smaller cash prizes. Of course, there are also prizes in the form of useful household equipment for the lucky winner.


15th September 2023. - OYP Blood Vessel Protection + Inulin +Microflora

OYP Blood Vessel Protection + Inulin + Microflora is a unique formulation designed to contribute to the normal function of blood vessels. We have combined in a single capsule natural bioflavonoids (diosmin, hesperidin) extracted from citrus peel with vitamin C to enhance the effect, and added plant-based, natural ingredients like antioxidant source red grape seed and horse chestnut seed extract, helping support healthy veins and capillaries. Our product has been completed with specially selected microflora strains for synergistic effect.


1st September 2023. - Inflation adjusting energy bills supporting program

If you would like to support the health of your family with our products, you can count on our help in other aspects as well. Based on the positive feedback relating our previous year’s program, we announce to start the inflation adjusting energy bills supporting program of the N.I.C.S. Zrt. from 1st of September 2023. We ensure our cardholders the possibility to choose according to their expected expenses so they can decide to receive one of the 20 supports with 15 000 HUF monthly payment for 5 month or they would like to be drawn for 1 time 250 000 HUF lump sum support. Take care about your loved ones with food supplements, collect 3 500 credits on your customer card during the specified period and we may help to settle your energy bills!


20th May 2023. - Birthday prize draw

We are launching an exciting birthday prize draw with an extra choice! Where would you like to spend your holiday? Would you prefer the familiar atmosphere of a sunny Greek beach or you find the neon lights of the casino town in America more attractive? You can choose between two destinations or you can try your luck on both trips offered as the grand prize of the prize draw celebrating the 8th birthday of the N.I.C.S. Zrt.! Play with us and choose the most desirable landing place and enjoy the experiences of a peaceful travel or take advantage of our summer and sport-related prizes.


4th May 2023. - Let’s gather again!

We invite our cardholders with their companions to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our company together! We have chosen a new, spacious hall for the event to bring as many of us together as possible. In addition to the award ceremony and a short annual review we are going to wait for you with our regular appetizers, pleasant atmosphere and with musical and dance performances in addition to some surprises. See you on 20th of May in 2023 at IH Events Centre in Szeged. Please send us your registration the soonest possible through your web office so we can make the necessary arrangements for the celebrations accordingly.


1st April 2023. - MTP Echinacea + Vitamins C,D3,K2 + Inulin + Microflora granulated

An obvious choice to contribute to the normal function of the immune system! Our latest product is available from 1st of April 2023: MTP Echinacea + Vitamins C,D3,K2 + Inulin + Microflora granulated. Easily consumed without water, with a refreshing citrus taste and with a unique packaging quantity as 120 sachets! The very first granules among our Medium Term Products, with targeted composition for scheduled temporary usage!


4th March 2023. - Easter-waiting prize game

N.I.C.S. Zrt. announces an Easter-waiting prize game! If you buy any of our products during the period of the game you can receive special Easter eggs. Start now the Easter egg hunt not to miss your chance, because you should have only 3 eggs to have the possibility to win on Easter Monday one of our cash prizes or one of other prize!


25th February 2023. - Extended possibility of installment payment

We kept our promise! So we ensure the possibility of ordering with installment payment interest-free in case of purchasing our One Year Products, not only for the domestic customers but for the customers from the European Union as well and from now on it is available through the online order interface as well!


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