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9th September 2020.

Value & Quality Award - 2020


The number of the awarded developments among our Medium-term Products increased with further 2 ones. This year Medium-term Product Cardiovascular Protection + Inulin + microflora and Medium-term Product Green & Red Fruit & Vegetable complex + Inulin + microflora dietary supplements were nominated for the tender of Value and Quality Grand Award, and few days ago they received this prestigious professional recognition. As actually the previously nominated 18 products also were presented with this special award, so with this 2 newly awarded products from now on the special logo of the Value and Quality Grand Award can be seen on the packaging of our 20 products.

However taking into consideration the special pandemic situation this year the prize giving ceremony was held not in the Parliament, but the principals founded an appropriate location in accordance with the prestigious status of the ceremony in the Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest. It is our great pleasure that as in the previous years actually also Dr. János Latorcai, Vice-Chairman of the Parliament and Sándor Farkas, Parliamentary Secretary taking the position of Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture presented the prizes at the ceremony on 9th September. 2020.


25th July 2020.

Medium-term Product Relax + Inulin + microflora


We have launched our latest development, the 22nd product in the group RELAX + Inulin + microflora Medium-term Product. This is our 3rd formulation containing the specialized microflora strains which are identified with N.I.C.S. prefix in their name. And these unique microflora strains in addition to other components ensure the quality of our products. The RELAX supports relaxation, contributes to emotional balance, helps to keep relaxing (NIPN). It contains components which were already used in ancient time in Rome and even by Greeks as well.


5th May 2020.

We have opened our new, ultra-modern center in Budapest


A new era has started in our company's life since we have opened our new office in Budapest. The building and the team has remained the same but what has changed is the storey and space: we have moved from the 5th to the 3rd floor, instead of 80m2 we have 145m2 available, and the seating capacity of our meeting hall has almost doubled. We continue the work we started 5 years ago with a renewed look and undiminished momentum. You are most welcome to visit us.


21st April 2020.

Medium-term Product Cardiovascular Protection + Inulin + microflora


Our latest innovation is a special product whose components have been used for hundreds of years on several continents due to their positive effects exerted on the cardio-vascular system. They were applied for instance in West-Asia, North-Africa, the Middle East and Europe. This is already our second diatery supplement containing five bacteria which bear the NICS prefix. This means that in a given bacteria strain we selected specific individual bacteria which guarantees quality. A significant development in this product is that out of the 5 bacteria 3 are totally new, meaning that we are using 18 probiotics in our dietary products.


3rd October 2019.

The local daily newspaper also reported our success in its 3rd October 2019 edition



26th September 2019.

Medium-term Product Green & Red Fruit & Vegetable complex + Inulin + microflora


Green & Red is a special product that contains only antioxidants. We placed 4 new bacteria in it and a fifth one that has been already used in our other products. Out of these five bacteria four will bear the N.I.C.S. prefix meaning that these already count as our own ˝bloodlines˝ that create a very stong line of protection in our body. We already know, that by consuming fresh vegetables grown under natural circumstances we can partly cover the quantity of antioxidants taken into our body from outside. Moreover, our body is able to produce some antioxidants, but it is still important that we too should have the means to replace these materials.


10th September 2019.

Value & Quality Award - 2019


The number of our award-winning products has increased by two since the dietary supplements submitted for the Value and Quality Award application, namely the One Year Product Q1+10+Omega-3 Complex and the Medium-term Product 9x Microbiom Rebalance + 3 Enzymes, have gained public recognition. To date 18 of our products have been submitted for and gained this respected trademark that guarantees quality, as well as the opportunity for you to use the best possible dietary supplements to preserve your health.


19th July 2019.

The Senior Swimming and Waterpolo Club of Hódmezővásárhely has taken on our company's name


As it is well-known, our company has been supporting the club in Hódmezővásárhely for years. Therefore, we would have liked to make our commitment to the operation of this civil organisation official. The Court of Szeged with its legal warrant of 2nd July 2019 authorized the Club of Hódmezővásárhely to use the term of Natural Immune Control System Inc. in its own name. The amendment has also been registered in the legal record of civil organisations. The new full name of this civil organisation is ˝Natural Immune Control System Senior Swimming and Waterpolo Club of Hódmezővásárhely˝.


21st June 2019.

Invitation - 4th Birthday Event - Budapest, 22.06.2019.


Our company celebrates its 4th birthday on 22nd June 2019. On this occasion, we organize a large party with star performers. And among our advisors involved in our birthday prize game, we draw lots of valuable prizes. There will be 18 prizes, including 6 grand prizes, each with a sailing for two people.


14th January 2019.

Medium-term Product 9x Microbiom Rebalance + 3 Enzymes


The MTP 9x Microbiom Rebalance + 3 enzymes product is different from our previous products regarding its effect mecahnism. Now we created a pill which consists of nine (9) prebiotics and three (3) enzymes. These ingredients are the exclusive nutrients of probiotics but not just those which are in our products but those hundreds which are in our gastrointestinal tract. The 9x Microbiom Rebalance + 3 enzymes helps the reproduction and rebuilding of probiotics.


8th October 2018.

Value & Quality Award - 2018


These dietary supplements have received the ˝Value & Quality Award.˝ Sixteen of our products earned this trademark which is a guarantee of quality and of you using the best possible dietary supplement for your health.


10th September 2018.

One Year Product Q1+Q10 + Omega-3 Complex + Inulin + microflora


Q1 is unique in itself but combined with Q10, it enhances its effect and together they are stronger and more efficient. Q10 needs Q1 to become antioxidant and our body needs antioxidants to keep it healthy. Combining them will help this process we have created a new product from this winning pairing with microflora, Omega-3 and inulin to experience their beneficial effects in our body.


11th June 2018.

Invitation - Birthday Event - Budapest, 07.01.2018.


Our company celebrates its 3rd Birthday on 1st July 2018. We will be having huge celebration with special guests and valuable prizes. The main award will be a trip for two to Dubai.


24th April 2018.

One Year Product Trace Elements with Collagen + Inulin + microflora


The 12th member of the One Year Product portfolio is available from May 2018. The OYP Trace Elements with Collagen product contains every important trace element that is essential for our body. The main ingredients -besides inulin and microflora are trace elements, collagen and several vitamins. The box contains 365 individually wrapped capsules that help maintain the healthy condition of our body.


9th January 2018.

One Year Product Multivitamin for All + Acerola + Cranberry + Grapefruit seed + Inulin + microflora
dissolve-in-the-mouth granules


In January 2018 we launched our newest product from the One Year Product product family in the market. The OYP Multivitamin for All is a dietary supplement for all ages. It is granulated with pineapple-lemon flavor. In addition to inulin and microflora blend it contains vitamins and herb extract to support the normal function of the immune system.


26th September 2017.

Medium-term Product Immuno + Inulin + microflora


Our newest product, the 4th member of the Medium-term Product product family is available from 1st October 2017. The MTP Immuno contains inulin and eight different microflora strains which support the body’s immune system with additional herb extracts.


25th June 2017.

Number One Shake Product Cocoa Blend Diet Shake + Inulin + microflora


In mid- June we launched our newest product, the Number One Shake Product product family’s first member, the Cocoa Blend Diet Shake. This shake helps those who want to lose weight with completely natural ingredients, no additional preservatives or artificial coloring. Every portion contains just 112 calories. Besides, it indulges us with the harmonic and full taste of Dutch cocoa.


7th December 2016.

Medium-term Product Beautiful Collagen + Hyaluronic acid + Omega-3 + Inulin + microflora



28th November 2016.

The TOP Company of the Year 2016 award



22nd October 2016.

Medium-term Product Beautiful Collagen + Hyaluronic acid + Omega-3 + Inulin + microflora


Finally the third member of our Medium-term Product product family has arrived which helps your outer beauty so you will not shine only from the inside. The boxes contain 200 capsules individually wrapped. The main ingredients are inulin and microflora. It also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, Omega-3 and a lot of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. They help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. For further information please click on the picture.


10th September 2016.

One Year Product Lutein 30 mg + Zeaxanthin + Inulin + microflora


You cannot see the letters in the image? Do you try to learn the numbers for your eye exam in advance? Do you want to take care of your eyes? On 10th September 2016, we launched the 10th member of our One Year Product product family which is unique among dietary supplements. Its main ingredients are inulin and microflora and it contains lutein and zeaxanthin. The box has 365 capsules which are individually wrapped and contribute to the health of your eyes all year round.


31st August 2016.

Medium-term Product Weight Control Glucomannan + Inulin + microflora


Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to keep your summer shape in winter? Would you like to look good in photos or just feel good in your skin? We are happy to announce that at the end of August we launched the second product of our Medium-term Product product family. Its main ingredient is glucomannan which due to its water binding capacity contributes to weight reduction within the context of a reduced-calorie diet. Each box contains 200 capsules which contain inulin, microflora, as well as minerals such as zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium. For further information please click on the picture.


21st July 2016.

Achievements - On the new road magazine



23rd May 2016.

Medium-term Product Algae 4 all + Spirulina + Chrolella + Lithothamnium calcareum + Haematococcus pluvialis
+ Inulin + microflora


In mid- May we launched our new family of product’s first member which is unique in many ways in the dietary supplement market. The box contains 200 capsules filled with inulin and microflora besides important active ingredients extracted from algae. Algae have strong antioxidant effects and contain a lot of minerals and trace elements such as iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium. For further more information click on the picture.


23rd December 2015.

One Year Product Magnesium 260 mg + Vitamin B6 + Inulin + microflora dissolve-in-the-mouth granules


In mid-December we launched our newest product to the market which is unique in many ways in the dietary supplement market. It contains Inulin and microflora as well as added vitamin B6. The 365 sachets contain granules with sour cherry flavor which are liked by adults as well.


4th November 2015.

One Year Product KID's Multivitamin + Inulin + microflora dissolve-in-the-mouth granules


We launched our newest product to the market at the end of August which is unique in many ways in the dietary supplement market. Every sachet contains inulin and microflora, as well as added vitamins and minerals. The 365 sachets contain flavored granules so that it is easier for children to take.


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