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Under this menu you can find the latest news related the recent activity of our company. If you would like to see the activities happened during the previous years, please click HERE to view the archived files as well!

15th October 2021. - Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin is again available

Attention please! Limited Edition Product Cocoa KID’s Multivitamin which had a great success after the launch in the last year, is again available. This product has many fans also since then! No wonder, we managed to create something similar to the smoothly melting, filled chocolate which made the product irresistible not for the children but also for their parents. The taste of cocoa, and orange-cherry filling provides our growing children with the most important vitamins and minerals. We tried to create something healthy and enjoyable for children in the same time! Look after it in your web office.


27th September 2021. - Medium-term Product Double 8X4U + Inulin + Microflora

We introduced our latest, the 25th of our products Double 8X4U + Inulin + Microflora Medium-term dietary supplement product. This is the fifth of our products containing 7 bacteria with N.I.C.S. prefix in their names and this ensures the special quality. As the name itself symbolizes in this compound we have 2x8 components: 7 probiotics with N.I.C.S. prefix in their name + inulin and 8 different types of other components: perilla extract, chamomile, sea buckthorn extract, olive and pagoda tree extract, ginger, green tea and rosemary extract.


9th September 2021. - Three of our products have received this year the Value and Quality Award

We are really proud of the fact that in 2021 three of our products, Relax, new Vitamin D and the Limited Edition Product Cocoa Kid’s Multivitamin granules dissolving in the mouth received the Value and Quality Award.


16th July 2021. - Our company is 6 years old - we have drawn the winners of the prize game

Great prizes, huge success - this is how we can describe the actually closed prize game announced to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Natural Immune Control System Zrt. We drew 15 lucky consultants and they received different prizes with total value of several million forints. The main prize - for the first time in the history of our company - was a TOYOTA AYGO X + Comfort car.


15th May 2021. - Birthday Prize Competition for the 6th anniversary has started - Grand prize is a TOYOTA AYGO

We have announced our great Birthday Prize Competition to mark the 6th anniversary of the Natural Immune Control System Zrt.. The Grand Prize of the competition - for the first time in the history of our company - is a private car, one of the ingenious, joyful, well designed Japanese cars, a TOYOTA AYGO X+Comfort.


10th May 2021. - ˝Event Experience˝ - can we meet from September?

The main part of summer is ahead of us, but we are planning to meet you again from September. As usually, we are actually also interested in your opinion, so we send you the question titled ˝Event Experience˝ while we would like to know your reaction regarding the possibility of a personal meeting at an event.


30th March 2021. - The agreement regarding the N.I.C.S. - PRO Talentis Corporate Scholarship was signed

Natural Immune Control System Zrt. and Pro Talentis Universitatis Foundation at University of Szeged has signed the agreement regarding the N.I.C.S. - PRO Talentis Corporate Scholarship. There were only a few person at the ceremony where the document was signed by prof. Attila Badó, from the side of the foundation and by Vilmos Sütő chief executive officer representing our company.


25th February 2021. - Drink quiz - Powder for Collagen-drink

We would like to ask your kind help again regarding the development of a new product. We have started a quiz few days ago, the so called ˝Drink quiz˝ in connection with we are looking forward to your answers for three questions.


12nd February 2021. - Easter egg hunt

We have announced our Easter prize competition, which means that we are going to distinguish every day one of our products with a colorful Easter Egg in the web-office under the Order submenu, and if you buy this dietary supplement on the given day, you are going to get a virtual egg as well. If you buy products distinguished with Easter egg at least 3 times during the period of the competition, so if you collect 3 Easter eggs, we are going to give you a raffle ticket which will participate in the prize draw.


1st February 2021. - Attention! The sales period of our Limited Edition Product with Cocoa is going to be expired!

Attention! The Limited Edition Product Cocoa KID's Multivitamin granules can be ordered till 28th February 2021. So we say good-bye to this product for a while just to be able to bring something quite interesting, unique and useful dietary supplement soon again and we are going to keep you informed about it in time.


27th January 2021. - The title of ˝Health-Conscious City Leader˝ was awarded

Áron Molnár, Mayor of Algyő, was awarded with the title of ˝Health-Conscious City Leader˝. The award, given firstly in this year, was established by Natural Immune Control System Zrt. to acknowledge the mayors who supports with their activity the health of people living in their community. The award itself symbolising this title was handed over by Erzsébet Sütő, the owner of the company establishing the award.


20th January 2021. - The Winners of the Christmas prize competition were drawn

The successful Christmas prize competition has been finished. The presents of the Natural Immune Control System Zrt. made 20 of the Cardholders happy on Christmas Eve while we smuggled them online under their Christmas trees. Among the presents were 3 large televisions, washing machine, food processors, different type of coffee makers and household appliances as well and the total worth of them were above more million forints.


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