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Under this menu you can find the news related to the corporate social responsibility representing the commitment of our company. Through this interface you can always see the current news in this theme, but if you would like to see the similar activities happened during the previous years, please click HERE to view the archived files as well!


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The Natural Immune Control System Zrt. cooperates with the Pro Talentis Foundation at the University of Szeged for already 3 years. Within the framework of the partnership we financially support the young, talented students of the university achieving outstanding results in study, and in researches.

There were more than 500 applicants for the scholarships and this number indicates the popularity of this system and more than 200 of them received the financial support for the next year.

As previously this year also two students received N.I.C.S. Pro Talentis Corporate Scholarship: Zsófia Edit Tóth biologist and Paszkál Papp chemist.

Due to the pandemic situation - as in the last year - the recognitions were handed over virtually at an online ceremony to the winners.

A film were also made on the ceremony to show the foundation and its activity with the awarded persons.

Through the bellow link you can read the summary published on the homepage of the University of Szeged.

Warmest congratulations for every talented student!





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Natural Immune Control System Zrt. and Pro Talentis Universitatis Foundation at University of Szeged has signed the agreement regarding the N.I.C.S. - PRO Talentis Corporate Scholarship.

There were only a few person at the ceremony where the document was signed by prof. Attila Badó, from the side of the foundation and by Vilmos Sütő chief executive officer representing our company.

We are really proud of the fact, that we can provide financial support for young students at the university, indicating our commitment regarding the R&D and innovation.

The collective aims of the parties to ensure initiatives to talented students with outstanding abilities at the University of Szeged which contributes progressing their competence, and to ensure competence supporter services and opportunities, and to establish rewarding and recognitions for students who achieved excellent results in study, science and other fields.

In addition to the above mentioned the main objective of the Foundation to support financially
the talented students by granting scholarship for them.





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This was the first occasion that the ˝Health-Conscious City Leader˝ title, established by the Natural Immune Control System Zrt. was awarded. Áron Molnár, the Mayor of Algyő, received the title at an exclusive ceremony from Erzsébet Sütő, the owner of the company establishing the award.

Áron Molnár has mentioned at the exclusive ceremony: The city of Algyő has been in the frontline regarding the sports supporting with that the healthy lifestyle, so this this is obvious for him to pay attention on the health of his colleagues, and other workmates in local institutions even during the pandemic period.

N.I.C.S. Zrt. distributes 23 different dietary supplements combinated with microflora, one of them is the Vitamin D, from which 30 boxes were taken by the first person of the city. Erzsébet Sütő, in addition of the worlds of the mayor said, that the company supported many individual sportsmen and sportswomen, and was the naming sponsor of the Swimming and Waterpolo Club in Hódmezővásárhely as well. So she found a great ally in the person of Áron Molnár, mayor and she would be very happy if other cities do the same as Algyő.

Many local intitutions received from the products, for example the colleagues of the local kidergarden, nursery, the home care and help, and the colleagues of the Mayor's office as well.

So this settlement at the south region can be really proud of its mayor!




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